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Messaging and Communication

I listened to a webinar last week called Deciding the Key Things to Explain to Stakeholders During Transformation. It was delivered by Jo Ann Sweeney who I met when co-editing the Handbook of People in Project Management a few years ago. Jo Ann specialises in communications in business and change projects and I thought this would be a good session to gain some insights for PMO practitioners. Insights not just for the programmes and projects they support and the change professionals they might work with - also their own communications from the PMO to their own stakeholders. There were three key things worth sharing - the concept of the elephant and the rider; overarching themes and how to structure messages.
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PMO Conference 2016 \\ Developing a Corporate PMO – How to Identify What Your Organisation Really Needs – Julie Black

In 2014, my team put PPM theories and models to one side and focused on listening to the challenges of our senior management team at Ofgem. Since then, we have changed to focus on the whole business lifecycle through strategy, projects and operational performance. In this presentation, I will use my own experiences to encourage PMO Managers to take a step back, consider what their organisation really needs and perhaps take a fresh approach to the development of their PMO. Takeaways: Think about the PMO in a business context Consider different ways to approach senior stakeholders Learn about practical ways to create a portfolio function from scratch The Video
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Stakeholder Relationships and the Agile PMO

Back in October it was the annual Agile Business Conference in London and we asked PMO Flashmob regular Brenda Nombro to go along to the conference to find out more about what the PMO community could learn from the conference. Brenda already gave us one insight in Agile PMO – How Much is Enough? Here’s Brenda's second article on a more behavioural side to the work the PMO does, here she is to tell you more. Another session I attended was run by Agnieszka Gasgperini who was an enthusiastic and engaging speaker. While there are many ‘what colour of personality are you’ assessments and models out there, the Relationship Awareness Theory takes this a step further into the business context, and more specifically into how we react to stress. The more I read and talk to people about the PMO in an ‘Agile’ environment, the more I see how we need to redress the balance of our skill set. In some more traditional settings we have become really focussed on our technical skills; on planning, managing dependencies, identifying risks, writing reports – this is great as we are really good at it and experts in our field. But do we need to shift now to our people focussed skills? Facilitation, bringing the right people together, getting the decision makers and sponsors engaged, managing and resolving conflicts – this is what we do, but can we do it better and show how, when it is done well, that the PMO has a greater role to play?
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The Clairvoyant PMO: How to Build the Support of the C-Suite

We have another PMO Flashmobber who attended Project Challenge the other week - Fran Bodley-Scott - and she shares some of the insights she learnt from Project Challenge. Survey results might seem a bit dry and unexciting first thing in the morning but last week at Project Challenge I’m glad I made the effort to arrive in time for Michael’s Cooch’s presentation about the results from PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey. I specialise in stakeholder relationship management, so I’m always on the look out for hints about what’s keeping the C-Suite awake at night, and this presentation didn’t disappoint. The reason I want to highlight it is that the insights were a real gem for any PMO seeking to engage more effectively with their CxO’s. I don’t plan to reproduce PwC’s data here – the link above will lead you to lots of interesting stuff (disclaimer: I have no connection with PwC so this is my independent view). Consider this as a business case for why PMO’s should be plundering this sort of data shamelessly.
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The PMO’s Guide to Stakeholder Engagification \\ PMO Conference 2021

This presentation will look at the differences between management and engagement in a project-led environment, and provide practical tips for “doing” engagement and encouraging participation through game mechanics. Gamification gets people to take action through the techniques and mechanics of games. We’ll look at the 5 principles of using engagement + gamification that can be used in your Project Office to support stakeholders’ engagement with project work.
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