Stakeholder Management

PMO Conference 2021 \\ The PMO’s Guide to Stakeholder Engagification

This presentation will look at the differences between management and engagement in a project-led environment, and provide practical tips for “doing” engagement and encouraging participation through game mechanics. Gamification gets people to take action through the techniques and mechanics of games. We’ll look at the 5 principles of using engagement + gamification that can be used in your Project Office to support stakeholders’ engagement with project work.
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The Role of the PMO Director

We welcomed Mitch Rollings who is a PMO Director for Westpac Bank in Australia. Mitch has worked within PMO for many years - both within the UK and Australia. Mitch's session is open, honest and frank about his experiences and his approach to performing the role successfully. He starts off by giving an overview of the structure of the organisation and where the PMO and his role fits into that and talks about his first 100 days in post - the areas that were focused on. He also talks about some of the pain points of the role and of course some of the successes. In this article, you can see the session yourself, plus we add our ten favourite insights.
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Messaging and Communication

I listened to a webinar last week called Deciding the Key Things to Explain to Stakeholders During Transformation. It was delivered by Jo Ann Sweeney who I met when co-editing the Handbook of People in Project Management a few years ago. Jo Ann specialises in communications in business and change projects and I thought this would be a good session to gain some insights for PMO practitioners. Insights not just for the programmes and projects they support and the change professionals they might work with - also their own communications from the PMO to their own stakeholders. There were three key things worth sharing - the concept of the elephant and the rider; overarching themes and how to structure messages.
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