PMO Competency Framework


Additional materials, access to the online PMO Competency Framework and further developments are all available for online and full members

The PMO Competency Framework is available for Online, Full or Corporate members to view and complete their self-assessments online. You can use this alongside the book you might have already purchased – or use the online system.

You can find out more details on how to access and use it and get started.

Also available are the self-assessment forms as published in the book, the role profiles and the knowledge, skills and behaviours – available as PDFs below.

Gain Access to the Online Self-Assessment Tool

The online PMO Competency Framework self-assessment is available via a tool called Comaea.

We need to get you set up on the system before you can access it.

>> Complete the sign up form here

Please allow up to one working day to get you set up. We’ll notify you by email when it’s ready for you to access.


Getting Started

Once you receive your login details you can access the system and get started.

We want to make sure you get the best out of the system so please make sure you download the User Guide.

>> The Essential User Guide

Watch the Session

Take a look at the recorded session where we take you through your first self-assessment.

We take a look at the different elements of the competency framework and show you how to complete the full assessment or focus on taking the assessment against specific roles.

Now Available for Members

Comaea is a web-enabled solution for online self-assessments for competency frameworks.

The House of PMO will have preloaded the PMO Competency Framework into Comaea’s structures and can invite individual members to use the tool to baseline their current knowledge and experience; to identify skill gaps and development needs and to benchmark themselves against a professional PMO standard.

Individual members of the House of PMO who have Online, Full or Named status (Corporate Membership) will have access to the Comaea tool as part of their active membership package.

To get started, please complete the form to gain access to the system here.

It is available now for online and full members, please complete the form to gain access to the system here.

You’ll be able to use Comaea to carry out your PMO Competency Framework self-assessment. Within the system you’ll be able to choose your role profile, see the contents of the competences, as published in the book, make a record of evidence and see an overview of your competences and gaps.

See the guide here.

Make sure you read through the User Guide as you start to use the tool for the first time.

You can access that guide here.