The PMO Competency Framework

Launched in February 2021, the PMO Competency Framework has been created by the PMO profession for the PMO profession.

The PMO Competency Framework is a guide for PMO professionals interested in assessing and developing organisation-wide, team and personal competences within a PMO environment.

It is a PMO Competency Framework created by PMO professionals for PMO professionals.


“A great piece of work and I have no doubt that it’s going to be a great resource for both individuals to shape their career and organisations to develop their people.”

The Missing Part of PMO Professional Development


The PMO Competency Framework has been created to provide a standard and a toolset to allow PMO professionals to understand, assess and develop the skills, behaviours and experience to achieve their PMO goals and career potential.

The PMO Competency Framework is a collection of competences required across the roles in the PMO profession. It details the required competences and levels of proficiency needed for each of those roles, encapsulated in role profiles.

Available to Purchase

The second edition of the The PMO Competency Framework is available through the TSO or Amazon.

The PMO Competency Framework Covers All Types of PMO


The PMO Competency Framework provides:

  • Four core role profiles;
  • Four competency domains of PMO;
  • Performance indicators and proficiency levels for each of the 24 competences;
  • Skills, knowledge and behaviours required for each competence.



Who Uses the PMO Competency Framework?


The PMO Competency Framework can be used by:

  • Individuals to assess themselves against the standard;
  • PMO teams to ensure a common understanding of the competences and proficiency levels required of them; and,
  • Corporations looking to benchmark their own organization specific competency frameworks against the standard.

Developed by the PMO Community

The PMO Competency Framework has been created by crowdsourcing the collective intelligence, insights, and experiences from the PMO community, managed by the PMO Flashmob.

It is a PMO Competency Framework created by PMO professionals for PMO professionals.

It was a project initiated to address the needs of many PMO professionals who have felt that, for many years, there was no competency framework and assessment available that specifically focused on PMO roles.

It was never going to be an easy task, after all, there are many different types of PMO available, and different types of people that work within them. Often, we hear that PMOs are too unique to an organization, that a PMO Competency Framework cannot be created because of that. Over several years, that and many other challenges have been overcome to provide this first edition for PMO professionals.



2024 Second Edition

The much-anticipated second edition of the “PMO Competency Framework“, was published in 2024, by The Stationery Office (TSO), a development that promises to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to a wider international audience. This latest edition not only refines the presentation and formatting of the content but also leverages TSO’s robust distribution network to make the book more accessible across the globe.

2021 Launch

The guidance within the PMO Competency Framework can be used by any PMO professional to assess their current knowledge and experience; to identify skills gaps and development needs and to benchmark themselves against a professional PMO standard.

Launched on the 18th February, the PMO Competency Framework quickly became a number one bestseller in the project management book charts.


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