Get Involved at the

House of PMO

Many of our members want to get more involved in developing themselves, helping to develop others and developing the PMO profession.

On this page you can find out more about how to get involved at the House of PMO, have a browse and get in touch.

Ask an Expert

Do you have a PMO question that you need an answer for? If you’re looking for career advice, tool recommendations or have a question on delivery methods, ask House of PMO and we’ll use an industry expert to answer your question and we’ll add it to our members library or Linkedin group so others can also see the advice.


It may take a couple of weeks to formulate and publish an answer

All you need to do is complete the Ask the Expert form and we will be in touch when a response is ready. The more details you provide, the better the answer will be.

No ongoing commitment needed

Be an Expert

Have a specialist subject around PMO? Or perhaps you’ve been doing the job for a while and would love to help others with your experiences? We’d love to have your help answering our members’ questions. You can simply offer advice or take it further with writing an article or delivering a session on your specialist subject.


Some answers can be short or long, it depends on the question being asked

You have the choice of answering a question or not – no pressure. If you do, be prepared to give a comprehensive answer.

We’ll get in touch when a question comes in that fits your expertise, you can decide to answer or not.

Write an Article

Contribute to the House of PMO library and share your experiences with the wider membership. You can write an article of any length and we’ll provide some editorial help before sharing your materpiece with the community.



You can take as long as you like to create the article, with no strict deadlines. You can’t rush a great PMO article!

If you’ve never written an article before, it can take time to plan, write, edit and get it reviewed before it is published.

You can just write a one off article – no long-term commitment needed. However, if you get the writing bug…

Become a PMO Conference Reporter

We’re looking for reporters to join us at the PMO Conference and write up the sessions they attend. You’ll get a conference ticket and guidance on what we are looking for with the written articles. Available in London and Edinburgh.


You will be at the PMO Conference all day attending sessions and after the conference, within 4 weeks, you need to produce 4 different articles.

It’s a long day of making notes and meeting people at the conference followed by writing time afterwards – there’s also a deadline for submitting articles

It’s just one event in the calendar year but labour intensive

Be in the Hot Seat

Join us on PMO HotHouse on the last Friday of every month. We invite a guest each session to run a short segment on a specialist subject.

It’s a 10 minute slot as part of the 45 minute show. You may need time to prepare for the session too.

We run the guest slots in different formats – some times it is an interview or Q&A which requires little planning, or you could be showing a few slides in a deck.

You’ll be giving up 45 minutes of your time on a one-off event

Write up a PMO Event

Been to a House of PMO virtual or in person event? It is always great to get the view of PMO practitioners in the audience. You’ll be writing up the key points and sharing your own thoughts.


You will need to attend a session and have time to create a report or article afterwards.

If you’ve never written an article before it can take time to plan and write it.

You can just submit one article for one session and that’s it, or you might get bitten by the writing bug and want to do more of them.

Run an Event

Would your PMO and organisation like to run a session for the House of PMO membership, you can share your experiences and insights with others.

Time is needed to plan the session, get the right people involved, find the space needed to bring members to you.

Putting an event on, regardless of the size, needs planning and delivering and making it an event to remember takes effort.

Running a one-off event, where the House of PMO works with you to help plan and run the session, is a great achievement but needs everyone working together to make it a success.

Host an Event

If your PMO is looking for some extracurriculum activity and you have some meeting space available, why not host an in-person House of PMO session? We help provide a speaker and run activities in a topic that your PMO would like to cover.

There will be some planning before the event and time commitment on the event day/evening itself.

The main effort goes into making sure that its OK with your organisation to have House of PMO members being able to access your building. We plan everything else.

Hosted events like these always work well when you and your own PMO team are there to welcome members to the session.

Join the Service Catalogue Project

We’re updating the PMO Service Catalogue. If you’d like to help add new services, or just want to offer your thoughts, take a look at our Service Catalogue Review Project.


You need to be able to carve out some of your time outside of work hours. Different aspects of the project require certain time commitments.

We’re looking for PMO practitioners who are enthusiastic and passionate about the project’s aims and objectives and you’re prepared to bring everything you can to the project.

Big projects like these need practitioners who are commited to completing their tasks for the good of the whole project.

Give your Opinion

We’d love to hear from you. Whether you have an idea for a session, something you’d like to see us do or just found a spelling mistake in an article. Just fill in the form below.


Just the time it takes to dash off a quick email.

Hardly any effort at all!

Just a commitment to the cause in helping drive the PMO profession forward, one step at a time.