Tuesday 18th June at America Square Conference Centre, London

A one-day learning event for you, the PMO practitioner, which focuses on the key challenge areas for PMOs today.

A blend of large-scale classroom learning; workshops; exercises and quizzes.

Join your PMO peers for a great day of learning, facilitated and led by leading PMO trainers and experts.


Four Topics, One Day

The PMO Classroom Event

PMO Training in a Day

Learn with PMO Peers

Four Key PMO Challenge Areas - One Big Training Day


PMOLearn! take places on the 18th June 2024.

Each PMOLearn! features four key theme areas.

Each learning session features the theory and practical application approaches followed by classroom exercises.

It’s just like being in the largest PMO classroom training you’ve ever had.


PMOs and the Making of Effective Sponsors

Effective sponsorship is essential for project and programme delivery – from initial scoping to benefits realisation.

In this session we’ll look at what the PMO can do to actively engage with sponsors, support their development and embed their role in the organisation, ensuring they have all they need to be effective, but also to ensure they are held accountable for their contribution to project and programme success.

We’ll also dip into the PMO Competency Framework to look at the skills and behaviours required by those in the PMO to undertake these activities.

XLAs for PMOs.

How to measure the success of a PMO and its services using Experience Level Agreements.

This presentation will provide the attendees with real life insights into how to measure the success of the PMO. Attendees will learn how to base PMO success upon the experience of its customers and stakeholders. The session will cover:

  • What is Experience and the Experience Economy?
  • Why does Experience matter?
  • What is wrong with traditional PMO metrics?
  • What is an XLA?
  • The Experience Management Framework™ and XLA Stack™
  • Example PMO XLA Stack™

How to Double the ROI from your Portfolio while Winning over the C-Suite

It’s simple. Your executives want a return on their investment, but most are frustrated at the low level of returns from their project portfolio.

Too many projects are late, over-budget or fail to deliver the intended benefits and things aren’t really improving.

In this workshop, we’ll look at four portfolio management techniques that PMO leaders can use to massively increase the return on investment from the portfolio, with a doubling of ROI a realistic target for many.

On the way, we’ll explore what ducks can teach us about executives and their relationship with projects. We’ll also bring it to life with some fun, hands-on activities!

Public Speaking for Impact at Work

Discover public speaking skills with a TEDx speaker and explore how to share your ideas at work with confidence.

I’m sure you’ll agree that public speaking skills will:

  • Increase your visibility in your organisation
  • Support you in delivering messages with greater clarity, confidence and impact
  • Help you connect with people through what you say and how you say it
  • Grow your self confidence

During this supportive session you will find the confidence to speak up in meetings, learn how to structure and deliver your ideas with impact, and explore the tools and techniques to communicate with confidence.

Delivered by:

Eileen Roden

House of PMO

Delivered by:

Neil Keating

Chief Experience Officer
Experience Collab

Delivered by:

Stuart Easton

Transparent Choice

Delivered by:

David Murray

Public Speaking and Confident Communication Coach

PMOLearn! Schedule


8.00 - 9.15am

Arrival – Breakfast, Registration

With 120 PMO practitioners in attendance, it’s also a great day for making new connections with your peers.

The PMOLearn! event takes place at America Square Conference Centre in London.


9.15 - 9.30am

Welcome and Introductions


9.30am - 11.00am

PMOs and the Making of Effective Sponsors


11.00am - 11.20am

Coffee Break

First break of the day and a time to chat about what you’ve learnt and what you’re thinking about so far.


11.20am - 12.40pm

XLAs for PMOs


12.40pm - 1.30pm


Take the time to discuss the mornings topics with your PMO peers and take a break from the learning


1.30pm - 3.00pm

How to Double your ROI from your Portfolio


3.00pm - 3.20pm

Afternoon Tea

There’s still time to meet someone new over a cup of tea and some much needed cake!


3.20pm - 4.50pm

Public Speaking for Impact at Work


4.50pm - 5.00pm

Final Words and Farewell

After a busy day of learning, connecting and networking – we close the day with one last round of insight sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch if you have a question that needs answering!

Can I book a ticket now?

Yes! PMOLearn! tickets are available now!

Who is the PMOLearn! event aimed at?

It’s for any PMO practitioner looking to get up to date with the latest in best practice across our four theme areas.

You could be a Support Officer, or a PMO Analyst, a PMO Manager or even a team of PMO people.

It doesn’t matter what level you are – you just need a passion for learning!

How is PMOLearn! different from the PMO Conference?

This is very much a training day – we’re blending classroom training with workshops – just on a larger scale!

The PMO Conference is still very much about thought leadership and sharing best practice – a traditional conference with an exhibition.

Are there discounts available for attending both?

Yes we’ve created the two day pass – so you can purchase both events and save ££

The two day pass will be available throughout the conference booking season however places are limited at PMOLearn!

Me and colleague just want to attend PMOLearn! Are there any group discounts?

Group booking discounts are available for groups of 2 or more.

Can I pay via BACS transfer with a purchase order?

Yes, just choose the direct bank transfer option during checkout.