Core Texts

House of PMO Essentials Qualifications

The Essentials qualifications from the House of PMO feature core texts which are used within the training courses and become a staple on any PMO professionals bookshelf.

PMO Competency Framework

Published by the House of PMO, the PMO Competency Framework contains the four role profiles which form the basis for each level of the Essentials training courses.

This book is also essential reading for any PMO professional looking to self-assess and develop themselves in their PMO career.

Praxis Framework

Praxis is a free framework for the management of projects, programmes and portfolios. It covers knowledge, method, competency and capability maturity. You can freely access the website however there is a book available for those who prefer a handy reference guide.

PMO Service Catalogue

Published by the House of PMO The PMO Service Catalogue is a comprehensive reference guide to all the services which are offered by the PMO to an organisation. It covers what each service is and why it is provided by the PMO. It also includes how the PMO applies each service and how to measure the effectiveness. It’s a useful reference guide to use throughout your PMO career.

PMO Service Catalogue Addendum

With the House of PMO certification courses, there is extra content – an addendum – to the Service Catalogue which is utilised during the training courses.

The addendum also includes additional services not found in the published version of the Service Catalogue.

If you are taking a House of PMO training course – or just interested in the additional content, you can access it here.