Future Proofing the PMO Service Catalogue

A New PMO Community Project

A PMO Service Catalogue contains all the services that a PMO could provide to their organisation. Over time, that catalogue is likely to change, with new services added and others retired as the nature of projects, programmes and portfolios change.


The House of PMO launches a new community project to make sure we continue to catalogue the services that PMOs provide and members remain up to date with the latest developments which can be utilised in their own PMOs.

How to Get Involved

The PMO Service Catalogue is one of the core texts used in the House of PMO Essentials certification courses as well as being a well-thumbed day-to-day reference book. It covers what each service is and why it is provided by the PMO. It also includes how the PMO applies each service and how to measure the effectiveness.

We are inviting you to contribute to the PMO profession by offering a service that isn’t included within the PMO Service Catalogue.

You can complete the form below if you are ready to submit or download the template to help you put together the information before submitting it here.

    Please take your time and provide as much information as you can.

    If you would like more information about the project, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.


    Join the Project \\ Make Your Submission

    All submitted services are reviewed quarterly and new services are made available on the House of PMO website. Periodically, a new version of the print book is also released.

    Interested in Being Part of the Review Group?

    Reviews for new submissions take place on a quarterly basis. If you are interested in joining the review group, please get in touch and express your interest.