Online Self-Assessments

The online self-assessment for the PMO Competency Framework is available as a membership benefit for both individual, corporate and consulting members.

Using Comaea, the competency framework specialists, members have access to complete their assessments.


House of PMO and Comaea

Within this page we will explain why House of PMO decided to use the Comaea product and what this means for you, our audience and members.

The starting point was that having developed the PMO Competence Framework and published the book, we needed to release a web-enabled solution at some pace, to allow us all to maintain the generated momentum. The need for pace excluded a bespoke development and a spreadsheet-based step felt too limiting, so we looked around and Comaea offered an out of the box solution that met our initial needs.

Why We’re Using an Online Tool

  • Offer individuals a way to bring the PMO Competency Framework to life.
  • Offer organisations a way to look at their teams in the context of the PMO Competency Framework.
  • Test the market interest in a web based PMO Competency Framework.
  • Collate, interpret and share the broader picture presented by the anonymised user data set.
  • Collate learning that will allow future iterations and releases of the PMO Competency Framework.

Membership Benefit

The PMO Competency Framework has been preloaded into Comaea’s structures and we can now invite individual members to use the tool to baseline their current knowledge and experience; to identify skill gaps and development needs and to benchmark themselves against a professional PMO standard.

We hope the PMO Competency Framework will become your career companion, a point of reference as you continue your journey through the rewarding, challenging and continuously evolving profession that PMO has become.

To become a member of the House of PMO and start using the online assessment tool as part of your member benefit:




Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the tool?

Individual members of the House of PMO who have Online, Full or Named status (Corporate Membership) will have access to the Comaea tool as part of their active membership package.

Who owns my profile?

We have long believed that a career belongs to the individual and as such, anything that supports it should also be owned by them. Through Comaea, we have the ability to link an individual profile into an organisation so they can see your profile and consider it in terms of the organisational requirements. However, should you move on, we can also de-couple you without any impact on your profile.

How do I sign-up?

Access to the system forms part of your membership benefit.

As an online or full individual member you can access the sign up form here and request an account.

Once we receive your request it will be checked, processed and you will be sent an email with your logon details.

If your organisation has signed up to the PMO Competency Framework in Comaea they will be able to direct you to the organisations sign-up web page. Once we receive your request it will be checked, processed and you will be sent an email with your logon details.

What is the offer for an Organisation?

If you are a corporate member of the House of PMO you can sign up to use the PMO Competency Framework in Comaea. We will need to gather some information about your organisational structure and any reporting lines and then create you a bespoke company sign-up web page. Once this page is available you will be able to share the URL with your named employees so that they can register and logon.

Within the loaded organisational hierarchy individuals will then be allowed to review individual and team profiles and generate reports.

If your organisation is wanting to use the PMO Competency Framework in any electronic or digital way, please get in touch for more information

What happens if I change organisation?

Get in contact with us and we can de-couple you without any impact on your profile. If your new organisation uses House of PMO Comaea we can join you to their organisation once you apply through their sign-up web page.

Can an organisation create their own role profiles?

At this stage this function is not available but we are hoping that it will be in the not too distant future.