PMO Service Catalogue

The PMO Service Catalogue is a comprehensive reference guide to all the services which are offered by the PMO to an organisation.

The PMO Service Catalogue, launched in 2020, is one of the core texts to accompany the Essentials certifications.


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Service Based PMOs


The move from support based to service based PMOs requires PMOs to develop their own PMO Service Catalogue – laying out the specific services they provide to support the successful delivery of projects, programmes and portfolios.

The PMO Service Catalogue is a reference guide for PMO professionals looking to develop their own context-specific catalogue.

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PMO Service Catalogue for Any PMO


The PMO Service Catalogue features 25 different service areas – each one related to an area of knowledge.

Each area includes service groups – including design, operate and monitor. Within each service group there are one or more services.

Each service includes a description; what the service provides; why it is provided ; how the PMO will apply the service; how the PMO will measure the value of the service; helpful hints and the capabilities needed.


Who Uses the PMO Service Catalogue?


The PMO Service Catalogues can be used by:

  • Individuals working within the PMO who are running activities and tasks related to PMO services;
  • PMO teams looking to design, set up, run and close down PMo services; and,
  • PMO Managers and leaders looking to implement PMOs and PMO services.

Ongoing Development by the PMO Community

In 2023, the House of PMO kicked off a new community project to help develop the PMO Service Catalogue further.

Just like the PMO Competency Framework, which was created by the PMO community for the PMO community, the PMO Service Catalogue project gives practitioners an opportunity to get involved in the shaping of the PMO profession.

You can get involved in the project in two different ways.

If you would like to have a go at submitting a service, take a look at the process for getting involved here.

If you would like to become part of the PMO Service Catalogue Review Group, which will see you joining the group of PMO practitioners already starting work on the project, find out more about that here.

The project is ongoing so you can become involved at any time. You can also commit to as little or as much time as you like.






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