Essentials for PMO Administrators

The APMG Accreditation

The House of PMO Essentials course range is accredited by APMG International.

Kick Start Your PMO Career

The House of PMO sets the standard and the syllabus for the Essentials for PMO Administrator qualifications.

The entry level role for the PMO is a PMO Administrator and this course and qualification you’ll learn the core principles of Project Management and how to use these within the context of a Project Management Office (PMO).

If you’re looking to get started in a PMO role, this course provides the knowledge to help you get there.

Find out more about the course and the certification.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn essential Project, Programme and Portfolio Management principles and terminology
  • Discover the four key roles in a Project Management Office; Administrator, Analyst, Manager and Director
  • Explore the responsibilities, knowledge, skills and behavior needed to be a successful PMO Administrator. Including understanding the core and essential delivery support requirements in change control; financial management, information management, issue management, reporting (insights analysis) and risk management.

Download the Syllabus


The syllabus for the qualification contains all the details of the course including why the certification was created; who it is aimed at; how learning is assessed and the individual breakdown of all the modules.

>> You can download the current version (v0.5)

Who is the Essentials for PMO Administrators Course for?


Essentials for PMO Administrators is suitable for complete beginners and those currently in support roles within a PMO (for example Project Administrators, Project Co-ordinator and Project Support Officers). It is also suitable for aspiring Project Managers with minimal project management knowledge.

How Do I Take the Course?


You can take the course through any training provider who is an accredited training organisation of APMG International.

APMG International are responsible for ensuring each training provider meets the standards required to deliver the courses and exams. You can find out which companies are currently providing the Essentials for PMO Administrators.

Visit the APMG International website

Download the Brochure


Essentials for PMO Administrators has been launched by House of PMO and APMG International, you can now download the short brochure on the course [available here]


Where can I take the course?

Training providers are accredited by APMG International to offer the course, to see the list of providers, visit the APMG International website.

How much does the training cost?

Each training provider sets the price of the course they run. Prices may vary and ensure you check that the examinations are included in their prices.

To find out which training providers offer the course – check the APMG International website.

Can I self-study for this course?

No, the course is only available through the training providers accredited by APMG International to deliver the courses.

What type of exam is it?

The Essentials for PMO Administrators examination is 45 minutes duration, with 60 questions.

The pass mark is 50% or more of the marks, i.e. 30 or more marks out of 60.

The exam is multiple choice and is closed-book.

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