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PMO Conference 2024

Opening Keynote

Not Another Organisational Transformation – Going Exponential, from PMO to CEO and Beyond!

Embarking on a journey through the intricacies of PMO and navigating the challenges of yet another organisational digital transformation, Mary-Beth Hosking found herself compelled to instigate a meaningful change. Collaborating with her writing partner, Ady Kalra, they conceived pivotal concepts for the 10XGeneration state, encapsulated in their new book, “Not Another Digital Transformation.” Immerse yourself in a refreshing perspective and discover how the PMO can be a catalyst and lynchpin for ushering in a new era of organisational change.

Join Mary-Beth as she guides you through the transition from PMO to CEO, sharing valuable insights gleaned from her experiences. Explore the lessons learned along this transformative journey and uncover the significance of cultivating key relationships with business stakeholders, setting yourself apart in the dynamic landscape of organisational evolution.

Mary-Beth Hosking

CEO & Author

Kate Atkin

Speaker | Author | Facilitator

Closing Keynote

Success: what lies behind the mask? Understanding and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Do you experience a nagging doubt that you could be ‘found out’ or put perhaps you put your success down to luck or timing? Have you ever noticed a need to be perfect and avoid making mistakes because they ‘prove’ you are not up to the job?

Success comes with its own trials. Many high achievers feel they’ve fooled the outside world and if only others could see behind the ‘mask’. They have an internal voice asking “did they really mean to promote me?”, “am I really good enough?”, “what if they find me out?”… and it can be really stressful! This is despite the objective evidence showing they are good at their job, and may be ‘imposter chatter’. The irony is that the real frauds don’t tend to experience these thoughts at all.

This closing keynote will provide you with some key strategies on how to spot the imposter chatter, overcome it (or at least dimmish it) and support others who may experience it.

Navigating Organisational Recovery – Using the Trust PMO

Explore the journey of an NHS Foundation Trust as it faced the challenges of being placed in special measures due to financial, workforce, and operational issues, threatening the sustainability of the organisation. Discover the pivotal role played by the Trust PMO in driving a comprehensive programme aimed at ensuring successful delivery and steering the organisation towards recovery.

This session offers a unique perspective on the intricate task of establishing a PMO from the ground up within an NHS organisation that previously lacked such a framework. With no existing PMO, processes, tools, or personnel trained in PPM, the Trust had to embark on the ambitious venture of simultaneously building a PMO and developing a robust recovery support programme.

Join the session as Director and PMO leader, Dr Noel Burkett unravels the challenges faced, lessons learned, and successes achieved during this transformative journey. Discover how the Trust PMO became a driving force, propelling the organisation out of special measures and towards a future defined by operational excellence and sustained success.

Dr. Noel Burkett,

Director, Transformation, Improvement and Programme Management Office

The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

David Belshaw

Head of Project Management


The Start of the PMO Journey in Project Data Analytics

Join us for an enlightening session with David Belshaw, as he delves into the transformative journey of the PMO at Rolls Royce. David will share his experience and insights on how the PMO has embarked on integrating project data analytics to enhance their project management capabilities and drive better outcomes.

David will explain how his team identified the gaps and challenges in their current practices, and how they are developing capability among their staff. The session focuses on the initial steps to take to start using project data analytics in your PMO.

Discover firsthand how the PMO has harnessed the power of digital artifacts and streamlined workflows to optimise their utilisation of project data, leading to tangible enhancements in their processes.

David will also unveil his strategic roadmap and visionary outlook for further advancements and innovations within the PMO, leveraging the potential of project data analytics to its fullest extent.