House of PMO Publications


PMO Competency Framework

Launched in February 2021, the PMO Competency Framework has been created by the PMO profession for the PMO profession.

The PMO Competency Framework is a guide for PMO professionals interested in assessing and developing organisation-wide, team and personal competences within a PMO environment.

It is a PMO Competency Framework created by PMO professionals for PMO professionals.

PMO Service Catalogue

Published by the House of PMO The PMO Service Catalogue is a comprehensive reference guide to all the services which are offered by the PMO to an organisation. It covers what each service is and why it is provided by the PMO. It also includes how the PMO applies each service and how to measure the effectiveness. It’s a useful reference guide to use throughout your PMO career.

Inside PMO Reports

Inside PMO is an annual report from the House of PMO which is created from contributions from leading PMO Managers on key PMO themes.

Each report is designed to tackle a challenging area of PMO and provide insights from others who have found different ways forward to overcome them.