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Beyond Portfolio Reporting – The Challenges and Reality of Portfolio Management

Early December in London’s Fleet Street and PMO Flashmob - the PMO networking group - hosted the first ‘PMO Managers’ Lunch’. These events bring together PMO Managers, from a number of different industries, to talk in-depth about a particular PMO topic. At this lunch, the subject was “Beyond portfolio reporting – the challenges and reality of portfolio management”.
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Dashboard and Reporting at PMO Learn!

We had a new event launched in 2021 as part of the PMO Conference. It was a one-day learning event called PMOLearn! which took place before the conference and was billed as the largest PMO classroom with 100 learners taking part. The day itself was split into 4 different topics - benefits management, resource management, portfolio management and this one, dashboards & reporting. In this post, you'll be able to see the main presentation or class. You'll not be able to see the interactive parts that the learners got involved in but you'll still take a lot away from the session itself.
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PMO Problem Solved – Too Much Admin!

PMO Problem Solved - “I have a problem as a PMO lead, the PMO analyst role is very admin heavy and we are having high staff turnover. The main issue is collating packs, taking minutes and chasing actions across all the forums. We are not allowed to recruit more staff and cannot push back on any of the admin. Can you suggest any way we can reduce the load or make it quicker?”
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PMO Trends for 2022 with the Lodgers

Each year we published the trends we think will have an impact on PMOs for the coming year, these are the trends for 2022. In this session, we asked our lodgers to share their own insights based on the trends this year. In the recording, you'll hear about some of their choices - including the centre of excellence; new working practices, citizen developer, the hybrid challenge and resilience. Hopefully, it will give you some different insights into each of those areas - plus watch out for the gorilla!
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