Hybrid Reporting – Panel Session

In this panel session, we ask four members about their experiences and insights into hybrid reporting - one of the challenges that PMOs face is trying to get that one portfolio view when projects are being delivered by Agile-led (e.g., SCRUM), traditional-led (waterfall) and even continuous delivery such as product management.
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PMO Problem Solved – Too Much Admin!

PMO Problem Solved - “I have a problem as a PMO lead, the PMO analyst role is very admin heavy and we are having high staff turnover. The main issue is collating packs, taking minutes and chasing actions across all the forums. We are not allowed to recruit more staff and cannot push back on any of the admin. Can you suggest any way we can reduce the load or make it quicker?”
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Power PMO

In this session we had an introduction to Microsoft's Power Platform which includes PowerBi, Automate and Apps. Our lodger Nicole Reilly introduced the session plus we saw a demo from the PMO team at UK Parliament who showed how they have started using Power Apps.
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