Resource Management

Hybrid Reporting – Panel Session

In this panel session, we ask four members about their experiences and insights into hybrid reporting - one of the challenges that PMOs face is trying to get that one portfolio view when projects are being delivered by Agile-led (e.g., SCRUM), traditional-led (waterfall) and even continuous delivery such as product management.
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Is Demand Management Failing You?

Demand Management needs to be understood and managed in the context of the benefits of change, not in the context of local processes, subject to pressures that lead to an endless tweaking of low-value outcomes. In this article, Lodger Lain is back in the Heptagon and he shares insights that include PRUB, Impact Mapping, tactical and strategic things your PMO could be doing to improve demand management.
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PMO Models and Resourcing

We really love listening to other PMO practitioners' experiences and we know many of our members do too. In this session, we listen to Gary Heath, a long time supporter of House of PMO and luckily for us, vastly experienced in PMO. As he says in his opening introduction, he's worked in pretty much any type of role, for example, permanent, contractor, fixed-term, consultant, associate - you name it he's done it. A great session for anyone at any level in the PMO - it's always interesting to hear how other practitioners have managed their careers and the insights they've learnt along the way.
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