Portfolio Management

Agile Portfolio Management

The book - Agile Portfolio Management – The Bridge to Strategic Agility - is featured in the Book Club, with author Henny Portman in the chair, PMO practitioners get into all kinds of portfolio management based discussions - including the use of an obeya room and using decision poker.
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PMO Conference 2022 \\ Where to Play and How to Win: Our PMO Adventure – Kim Bree & Susie Palmer-Trew

This is a story of the University of Kent's PMO adventure (and some misadventure) as they transformed from a siloed delivery team to a pan university PMO. Taking disparate activities and delivering a multi-million-pound portfolio, re-writing the rule book on how we govern, lead and land changes in order to deliver the right changes in the best possible way. Part rags to riches, part Avengers this conference session will share a story that will resonate with many of you on a PMO maturity journey; they share with you all of their learning, everything they wished they had known and their plans for the winning the long game.
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