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Creating a PMO Service

In this session we take a look at the PMO service catalogue and learn how to create a PMO service. You will learn about why a service catalogue exists, what it is used for and how to create one for your PMO. Eileen gets into the detail of what a service consists of and how to complete the description of a service and the key elements required to fully outline the service.
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Know Your PMO’s Worth

We hear a lot about “how much value does the PMO bring to the business” or versions along those lines and I got thinking about the subject whilst listening to something which, on the surface of it, has no connection whatsoever. I was listening to the TED talk “Know Your Worth and Ask for It” from Casey Brown [Link to the session] The session is all about the fact you’re never paid what you think you’re worth – only what other people think you’re worth. And that earning what you’re worth is a simple equation of: “Definition of Value” + Clear Communication
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Lessons Learnt About Lessons Learnt

According to the poll taken during this session on Lessons Learnt About Lessons Learnt, only 50% of projects in our participant's organisations have a lessons learnt approach as part of their project management delivery methods. Personally, I was surprised at how low that was. You can't deny that learning lessons from everything we do - in our own lives as well as at work - just makes sense. Taking the time to think about and reflect on how we've done something - whether that's successful or not - should mean we come at a similar or related challenge in the future just that little bit wiser about how we'll tackle it. Projects and project management are ripe for insights and little nuggets that help smooth the path for future projects - after all, the methods and ways of working in project management have all come from someone's previous lessons on what has worked and what definitely hasn't. In this PMO Flashmob session about Lessons Learnt, we heard from PMO professional Ken Burrell. Ken is passionate about Lessons Learnt, so much so he wrote a book on it -Learning Lessons from Projects: How it works, why it goes wrong, and how you can do it better - so who better to help PMO professionals understand more about what we can be doing to better support our organisations in this area of Knowledge Management.
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PMO – Carrot or Stick?

Have you heard it been said about the PMO that they fall into two camps, carrot or stick? On last week's session about the Sponsors and the PMO (full video etc ready soon), it was mention in relation to how the PMO can work with sponsors, and in the picture to the right, that was pulled from a session we did about lessons learnt a while back. Apart from being able to draw nice pictures of carrots and sticks, what does it really mean? Ultimately it's all about punishment-and-reward motivational techniques, just like with children, we reward when they do something they should do and remove privileges when they don't. Originally applying to animals, it describes whether to get it to move by enticing the animal with a nice juicy carrot in front of it as a reward, or beating it with a stick. Getting the animal to move is the objective or target, and the carrot and stick are a means of achieving it. BCF Group Carrot or Stick? Management is already full of anecdotes about using "carrot and stick" as a means to motivate people, and whilst many think it conjures up a terrible image, you can't deny that it's memorable and certainly sparks conversation, debate and ideas. So what does it mean in the PMO context?
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PMO Conference 2016 \\ Managing the Perception of Your PMO – Rupert Taylor

A brief exploration into how you can manage the perception of your PMO to move away from the long held and dogged perception of PMOs being an admin/ reporting/ bureaucracy - towards an innovative change support function that is fully aligned with the needs of the business and really adds value across Change programmes or portfolios. This insightful and creative session looks at the brand of the PMO and how to communicate that brand across the organisation. Takeaways: A different perspective on the value of investing time and resource in improving the perception of the PMO The desire to look at yourself in the mirror and ask whether you are really doing what you can to improve and manage the perception of your PMO Walk away with some innovative concepts to explore in your own PMO environments The Video
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PMO Conference 2016 \\ Resource Management – The Role of the PMO – Paul Major

Resource Management is consistently flagged as one of the most pressing problems facing the PMO today. But what are the real issues? Availability, prioritisation, assignment, utilisation, capacity planning – and which of these are actually the responsibility of the PMO? In this session we will look at the resource management challenges the project organisation faces, but zero in on where the PMO can really add value to the business, not just administrate, and hence raise the value of the PMO itself. As well as identifying the essential resource management capabilities needed we will also look at some of the “magic dust” a PMO can add to really drive value and recognition, together with some ideas on how these capabilities can be facilitated by process and technology. Takeaways: Identify the areas in resource management where a PMO should focus Describe core resource management capabilities that should be in place Demonstrate areas where the PMO can really differentiate their services The Video
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