PMO Skills

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PMO Skills for Practitioners

Which skill areas are the most important for PMO practitioners? In this session we take a deeper look at the skills highlighted in the PMO Competency Framework.
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PMO Conference 2022 \\ Professional Development in Your PMO Career – Eileen Roden and Carol Hindley

In this session, Eileen and Carol talk about the professional development available for all levels of PMO practitioners. They’ll be focusing on the four levels of qualifications from the House of PMO, PMO career paths, their own insights in how to develop yourself and your PMO team.
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Being a Critical Friend

How many times do we hear the term about PMOs being the ‘critical friend’ to our Project Managers, Programme Managers, SROs and others? Do we really understand what it means to be a critical friend? In this session, we were joined by Neil Goldsmith, a professional ‘critical friend’ who gave us all the insights about performing the role of critical friend well.
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Business Storytelling

The PMO needs people to make decisions and take action pretty much everyday. We provide reports, we have conversations, we try and influence yet still we struggle sometimes to make a message really land and even more so when it comes to people making critical decisions. You will have heard of storytelling in a business context - most likely you've heard it called data storytelling - it's the same thing. You can use storytelling structures, techniques and a whole myriad of plot devices and character details within your day-to-day work.
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Active Listening – LAB Profiles

Whilst doing research for this and other blogs I came across a book by Shelle Rose Charvet , entitled “Words that Change Minds”. It is a very comprehensive book on the subject of language and provides further food for thought on how we listen with our brains. Set out below is an extract of a few of the items I think are most relevant to a PMO setting. But I would encourage you to get the book and review it in full to gain the greatest benefit. By way of introduction, the book is all about “LAB Profiles” – related to language and behaviour. And to do it justice the following is a direct quote from the book.
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