PMO Roles

PMO of One and PMO of Two

In this session we take a look at the smaller PMOs, where there are only one or two people working in them. We find out about the different types and the services they can offer.
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Running a PMO

We're delighted to have Bill join us in this PMO Book Club session and he will be specifically focusing on the running a PMO part. He'll be focusing on areas such as executive level reporting; managing PMO resources and looking at the day-to-day operations in running a PMO. It's not often we focus on the actual day-to-day operations of a PMO - setting up a PMO seems to be the one that is often in the spotlight - so it'll be good to talk about dashboards and scorecards; think about weekly checklists, and metrics and performance.
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PMO Conference 2022 \\ Professional Development in Your PMO Career – Eileen Roden and Carol Hindley

In this session, Eileen and Carol talk about the professional development available for all levels of PMO practitioners. They’ll be focusing on the four levels of qualifications from the House of PMO, PMO career paths, their own insights in how to develop yourself and your PMO team.
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Becoming a PMO Contractor

It's a session that has been repeatedly asked for - how to become a PMO contractor? In this session, we have invited Pragmatic PMO - Ken Burrell - who has been a PMO contractor for over ten years - to share his insights on how he became a contractor and more crucially, how he's managed to make a long-term career working on a freelance basis. There are lots of avenues that could be explored like how do you know when is the right time to go contracting? Which option should I choose - contracting, fixed-term, consulting? What do you need to know about the financial implications? How to get started in a new contract position and what to watch out for?
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The Role of the PMO Director

We welcomed Mitch Rollings who is a PMO Director for Westpac Bank in Australia. Mitch has worked within PMO for many years - both within the UK and Australia. Mitch's session is open, honest and frank about his experiences and his approach to performing the role successfully. He starts off by giving an overview of the structure of the organisation and where the PMO and his role fits into that and talks about his first 100 days in post - the areas that were focused on. He also talks about some of the pain points of the role and of course some of the successes. In this article, you can see the session yourself, plus we add our ten favourite insights.
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