PMO Roles

Spotlight on the PMO Analyst Role

In this session we go deep into the PMO Analyst role and roles and responsibilities - what makes a good PMO Analyst through competences, knowledge, skills, behaviours and character. We also looked at the daily, weekly and monthly work done and what it takes to balance tasks and activities. We also looked at career paths - the beauty of working in the PMO space is that its not always a linear path, which makes for lots of fun and interest along the way.
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Key Behaviours in PMO Roles

In this session we take a look at the key behaviours for the different PMO roles which exist. Alongside competency, knowledge and skills, we need the right kind of behaviours to help us be successful in our roles. Sign into your membership to read the article; watch the session, download the deck and gain the insights.
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PMO of One and PMO of Two

In this session we take a look at the smaller PMOs, where there are only one or two people working in them. We find out about the different types and the services they can offer.
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