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Low Maturity and the PMO

In this summer series we take a look at the challenges of low maturity. That could be low maturity of PPM, the PMO or the organisation. Find out what challenges PMOs are facing and how they're overcoming them.
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PMO Conference 2022 \\ The Secret to Driving Unstoppable Business Value for Your PMO – Laura Barnard

PMO Conference 2022, opening keynote session from PMO Influencer of the Year - Laura Barnard.  Laura joined us in both London and Edinburgh to open the conferences and her energy and passion for the subject makes this an excellent session to watch to get your PMO mojo back or fire your imagination with what's possible for your PMO.
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DIY Maturity Assessment

As part of our PMO Trends for 2022, we mentioned that a lot more PMO practitioners were looking for maturity assessments they could pick up and use themselves - rather than going down the route of a P3M3 assessment which involves bringing in a consultancy firm. The P3M3 route can be expensive and take a considerable length of time and committment however there are other ways for the PMO to gain an understanding of where their organisations are in terms of maturity and that’s by offering a Do-It-Yourself option. It's useful for a PMO to be able to get a sense of how their organisation stacks up against a standard - carry out an assessment and be able to pinpoint some of the areas where decisions and actions need to be made in order to improve maturity. PMOs are also looking at maturity models because by their very nature it provides a link to measures – and gives an insight into how the PMO services are contributing to project success. A PMO maturity assessment would also give insights into what services the PMO should be looking to amend or add both in the long and short term.
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Maturity in the PMO World

In last week's #PMOwfh the 10-in-10 (10 slides in 10 minutes) was all about maturity. Organisational maturity; PMO maturity and your own maturity too. It's a subject that often comes up when talking about challenges in delivery organisations - and of course in our own PMOs. In the session, we shared a number of detailed slides to cover the three different aspects. Let's start by taking a look at the 10 minute recorded session and a closer look at those slides
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Toolkit Optimisation to Maximise PMO Maturity – Webinar 3rd July

The maturity of the PMO has been a theme area that lots of PMO practitioners have been interested in for a while now. It's certainly something that is talked about at PMO Flashmob events and at last year's PMO Conference this theme was explored by Guy Jelley at PPO and it went down a storm. Delegates loved it, so we thought the rest of the PMO Flashmobbers would love it too. Here's what it is about: The common misconception for PMOs is that by focusing inward on increasing project management maturity, its portfolios, programmes and projects will be delivered more effectively. The reality is that it’s the people, process, governance, technology and ORGANISATION that play a crucial role in improving the organisation’s project delivery capability. Typically, PMO leaders have an arsenal of tools to overcome PMO challenges like portfolio visibility and reporting, project prioritisation or resource capacity planning. Irrespective of what’s in your toolkit, the reality is that only with the effective usage of these tools will PMOs be able to maximise their maturity. You’ll learn: How to map your toolkit’s capabilities to your current maturity level How to optimise your toolkit to your current and then targeted project management maturity level Lessons learnt and proven approach to the effective usage of your tools It doesn't matter what your tools are - how you optimise what you have got is the first step to greater PMO maturity. Interested? Watch the recording now:
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PMO Conference 2018 \\ PMO: A Strategic Partner (in Crime) – Susie Palmer-Trew

Susie is the Head of PMO and Change at the Open University, this session, following the Open University’s recent award for PMO of the Year from the Association for Project Management is both a reflective and proactive look at the role of the Open University PMO as it transitioned from project support to a strategic partner; the lynch pin to their £100million change portfolio. The session will explore how the OU PMO chose to act as a catalyst for change, their role in using change management as an essential component to project and PMO success, and how they actively challenged blocking behaviours.
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