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Polls of 2021

In this quick article, we share all the polls we've taken over the year. It will be an interesting record to keep, to remind us of all the areas we were concerned with over a specific period of time and a snapshot or quick poll at where our thoughts were. Why not have a browse and see what your PMO peers are polling
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Understanding the PMO

Ever heard or seen that quote which talks about PMOs closing down every three to four years? If so, this is the book where it comes from BUT that quote is wrong! What it actually said was a PMO tends to close down or gets reconfigured every three to four years - mainly due to the fact that the business also changes during that time too. That's one of the reasons why we started up the PMO Book Club - to read, understand and have a chat amongst ourselves about texts that can help our thinking around the job that we do in PMO. In this article, we share the recorded session, the deck and the insights from the book club.
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King of the PMO Polls

In this article, we share the live results from the King of PMO Polls and the opportunity for you to get involved too. We've got some great questions such as: what tool do you use when creating dashboard reporting? what qualifications do you use in your day job? what keeps you awake at 3am? how do you deal with project managers who don't play ball?
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The Future of PMO – Whitepaper Review

At the beginning of 2021, Chaucer, the consulting firm which focuses on change and transformation, released a whitepaper called The Future of PMO. The paper was created based on the insights of 85 PMO professionals across 13 different industries. The report itself focused on what the PMO was doing well; the main areas that need improvement and some key themes about where the future lies for PMO. As you can expect from a report like this, it is Chaucer's clients who are completing the survey so we're looking at organisations that use a consultancy to help with the PMO. The report is also predominantly focused on programme level PMOs. If you'd like to see the main highlights from the report, you can get these in the 5 page PDF download here:
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