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Is the Modern PMO Achieveable?

I downloaded a white paper last week from ca technologies called Business Agility Begins with a Modern PMO: Change Agents. What a title, so much to unpick, so many buzz terms, how could you not want to read that - business - agility - modern - change - agents! The white paper is about the need for the PMO to respond to the business as it changes - it's this Gartner push that screams "internet of things", stuff being developed so quickly to get it to market before someone else does or else the company fails and goes bust. It's the sense of urgency - and how things needs to be "innovative", "creative", "collaborative" and "entrepreneurial" or else you're just a dinosaur company. But do our companies, the organisations we work for, really show any signs of this? As a PMO do you think you're in the driving seat of this fantastically modern PMO that is guiding your organisation to super stardom? First of all, let's understand what ca technologies believe a modern PMO to be.
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King of the PMO Polls

In this article, we share the live results from the King of PMO Polls and the opportunity for you to get involved too. We've got some great questions such as: what tool do you use when creating dashboard reporting? what qualifications do you use in your day job? what keeps you awake at 3am? how do you deal with project managers who don't play ball?
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PMO Benchmark Report Just Launched

For the first time, the PMO Flashmob have pulled together the latest insights in the UK about the role of the PMO and the practitioners who work within them. The report brings together insights from Portfolio Managers, PMO Managers and those that work within the PMO - programme and project support practitioners. We've looked at different aspects of their work - where they work, what kind of PMO is the most popular, what training they do and what functions and services they carry out. We've also got the overviews of salaries and rates for the positions too. Pulling specific data from Arras People's annual Project Management Benchmark Report, we take a look at the following:
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PMO Notable Quoteables

Last week's PMO Flashmob was back to a social evening in Central London near St Paul's. We always have some little networking gimmick just to help new people connect with returning PMO Flashmobbers. It also helps the initial conversations and hopefully gets people thinking. This time it was PMO Notable Quoteables which was a selection of quotes, each one about PMO in some way. Each little group of 2, 3 or 4 people, just picked one, read the quote and then had a discussion about it.
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Polls of 2021

In this quick article, we share all the polls we've taken over the year. It will be an interesting record to keep, to remind us of all the areas we were concerned with over a specific period of time and a snapshot or quick poll at where our thoughts were. Why not have a browse and see what your PMO peers are polling
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Quite Interesting PMO Research

Here's the first of our 12 Stand Up for PMO Days Before Christmas and some insights from our first PMO Unconference. In this 15 minute session, we share the Quite Interesting PMO Research bit. All the sessions at the PMO Unconference were designed to be short and packed with information that hopefully signposts you to places to read more. In this session, I shared some of the latest insights from those in the research community who are focused on PMO. I wanted to cut through the research speak and explore what was useful for the PMO practitioner today.
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