PMO Careers

From Programme Management to PMO Management

This article explores the transition of professionals from delivery roles (Project Managers and Programme Managers) to PMO management positions. We delve into the career paths of five PMO Managers who previously worked as Programme Managers.
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PMO Career Paths

If you're working in a place like that - great! You're probably learning a lot and enjoy seeing the success the PMO has. On the other hand, sometimes working in a less mature project management organisation that has a myriad of challenges is the kind of opportunity that some PMO practitioners love. The career path in PMO is not as simple as moving up the ladder from administrator to analyst, manager and director. We have many different types of PMO contexts we could be working in; different sizes and types of projects, programmes and portfolios we could be supporting; different industries and specialisms within PMO and project management. In other words, we have a lot of options and opportunities. In this session, we took a look at career paths - career plans and career strategies. Hopefully it gives you food for thought.
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Adaptive Careers – Redefining Success in Project Management

In this session, we discover the benefits of embracing an adaptive career in the rapidly evolving project management landscape. Learn how to redefine success by focusing on personal values and unique strengths. Gain practical tips for continuous learning, skill development and building resilience.
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