PMO Conference 2023

Risk Assessment – Beyond the Heat Map

This session opened PMOLearn! in Edinburgh in November 2023 - the subtitle was Quantitative Methods to Inform Proposals and Delivery and was taught by John Greenwood, a leading expert in risk management. This session provides an overview of assessing and modelling schedule and cost impacts of event risks and estimating uncertainties; and will show how this is used to inform decisions and commitments. It will also discuss how risk severity is dependent on the objectives being considered.
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The Secret to Building a World-Class PMO Isn’t What You Think

In this opening keynote for Edinburgh in November 2023, PMO author Bill Dow joined us from Seattle, USA. Bill focused on the key ingredient of world-class PMOs, it's all about the people who work within them. How can we enhance our PMO culture and practices to empower our team members, fostering their growth and development towards achieving world-class PMO status?
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