Risk Management

PMO Conference 2022 \\ Rapid PMO Experiments to Turbo-Charge Delivery – John McIntyre

Business demands always outstrip supply. How do you decide which projects and features to focus on? Your product managers may talk about building small ‘MVPs’ but what does that really mean? In this interactive session, John McIntyre from HotPMO introduces the concept of Rapid Delivery Experiments which will change the way your portfolio approves projects, whilst massively reducing uncertainty and risk.
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Megaprojects and the PMO

Megaprojects tend to be over the £1 billion mark in terms of budget and are often under great scrutiny - not just because of the politics but because many of these projects are investment projects - for communities, cities or countries. They also tend to take a long time to deliver, over years, decades and many organisations who run them - their project departments are huge in terms of the people working on them, and the third-parties and customers involved. Read on to find out what the PMO can learn from megaprojects
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Risk Management and the PMO

In last week's #PMOwfh we tackled the subject of risk management - a pretty big subject we'll admit but it's actually the first time we've ever done a PMO Flashmob session on it. We framed the session first of all with HotPMO's John McIntyre when he took us through 10-in-10 - that's 10 slides in 10 minutes - on the UK government's risk management plans in relation to public health and COVID-19. A depressing case that sparked a series of questions that we can all ask of ourselves, the PMO and the wider organisation. In this session, we share the 10-in-10, take a look at those questions, share the outputs from the PMO Flashmobbers on what they'll start-stop and continue doing in relation to risk management and share another viewpoint on the whole subject in relation to PMO.
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