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#PMOwfh / Patterns and the PMO

In this month's #PMOwfh (with a new jingle!) we covered; automation, autism, new jobs, optimism, PMO objectives, models, patterns, ambassadors and apophenia amongst other things. Don't you just love that the PMO is so eclectic!? You can see the recorded session below and download the 10-in-10 (10 slides in 10 minutes)
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#PMOwfh / Senior Executives

In this #PMOwfh session we invited along the PMO Conference 2022 closing keynote speaker Andrew Whyatt-Sames. Andrew is a Executive Team Coach, Psychologist and in this session he gave us the keynote in 10 slides! Also in this session we covered some insights from the Enterprise PMO paper (you can see more on that here); psychological contracts, "most crucial challenge for the PMO leader is to get the right balance of speed and excitement" (see the article here); commuting and Japanese culture.
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#PMOwfh / Checklists

In this month's #PMOwfh we decided on a theme to take us through the session. It was all about checklists! There has been a recently released book that many have read and really enjoyed, it's called The Checklist Manifesto: How To Get Things Right. It got us thinking. Checklists used to be really popular in the PMO but over the years checklists started to have negative connotations - using checklists was seen as the clipboard wielding PMO acting like the 'PMO Police', a bureaucratic form of control which did us no favours with our project managers and various stakeholders. The book reminded us that there are a number of different reasons for having checklists. The PMO can use them to help delivery and we can also use them to help us develop our PMO and the people working within it. Read on for more insights, templates, the recorded session and slidedeck.
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