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Scenario Planning Options for the PMO / Ask the Expert

The question gets answered - We are looking for a web-based simple scenario planning/capacity tool where we can input basic project data (i.e. expected size, effort and duration) and then model this against our capacity. We are not looking for a full PPM tool, as we already have a tool in place for the project reporting, RAID, etc.; it's more about at a high level planning our portfolio roadmap and having the ability to complete simple 'what-if' scenarios. This would be a tool used by the PMO rather than project managers.
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Unleashing the Power of Lessons Learned: Overcoming Common Challenges for Project Success

In the world of project management, certain areas consistently pose challenges and hinder success. In this dynamic presentation from Tom Quinn at Jacobs, we explore four to five crucial aspects that often cause problems or remain underutilised. Through lessons learnt, we examine how areas such as schedule, risk management, cost, reporting & data management, assurance and change, commonly go astray or fail to deliver desired outcomes.
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