Tools and Techniques

Agile PMO – Tooling

In this session, Matthew was joined by another lodger, Nicole Reilly. Together they talked about the different Agile related tools that are available and what the PMO needs to know. There are literally hundreds of different tools out there that are used by Agile teams. There are also many different options to extract data which is then used by management teams to understand what progress is being made and what decisions and actions are needed to be taken.
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PMO Problem Solved – Too Much Admin!

PMO Problem Solved - “I have a problem as a PMO lead, the PMO analyst role is very admin heavy and we are having high staff turnover. The main issue is collating packs, taking minutes and chasing actions across all the forums. We are not allowed to recruit more staff and cannot push back on any of the admin. Can you suggest any way we can reduce the load or make it quicker?”
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Business Storytelling

The PMO needs people to make decisions and take action pretty much everyday. We provide reports, we have conversations, we try and influence yet still we struggle sometimes to make a message really land and even more so when it comes to people making critical decisions. You will have heard of storytelling in a business context - most likely you've heard it called data storytelling - it's the same thing. You can use storytelling structures, techniques and a whole myriad of plot devices and character details within your day-to-day work.
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