Project, Programme and Portfolio Governance

In this session we hear from the co-author of the new book Project, Programme and Portfolio Governance - Ross Garland. P3G is the framework an organisation establishes to enable effective investment decision making. In this session we look at how to establish an effective governance framework for a project, programme or entire portfolio. A perfect text for anyone currently working in or managing a PMO. P3G is the framework an organisation establishes to enable effective investment decision making and the PMO has a great role to play in that. The book itself has been written for practitioners so we can expect lots of practical take aways from this pragmatic and scalable approach to governance in change delivery organisations.
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Speaking to Senior Executives

Week 16 of #PMOwfh - four months of PMO chat, debate, a few laughs and lots of sharing during four months of the pandemic. There's one thing we've definitely learnt during this time - there's no limit to the subjects and themes we can choose to get into, the life of a PMO is such a varied and interesting one! This week we're looking at the theme of "talking to senior executives". It was one suggested by one of the crew so here we are. We were delighted to have Terry Doerscher join us from good ole Texas. Terry has loads of relatable experiences and knowledge, plus he's a really nice bloke. He's the author of a great book - Taming Change with Portfolio Management - an excellent choice if you're working at the senior level in portfolio PMO. The 10-in-10 session from Terry covered: Role of the PMO from an executive perspective Communicating project and portfolio performance Effective portfolio governance and project sponsorship
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Agile Project Governance

We headed over to Bristol last month, lovely weather to be tucked up inside learning about Agile Project Governance but definitely worth it. There were so many little gems I took away and I know that other PMO Flashmobbers there on the night had a lot of their questions answered. Essentially we were all there to find out what exactly changes when projects are being delivered in an Agile way - when compared to traditional projects. And if something changes what does the PMO have to know about - and what do they have to do about it?
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