#PMOwfh / Senior Executives

In this #PMOwfh session we invited along the PMO Conference 2022 closing keynote speaker Andrew Whyatt-Sames. Andrew is a Executive Team Coach, Psychologist and in this session he gave us the keynote in 10 slides! Also in this session we covered some insights from the Enterprise PMO paper (you can see more on that here); psychological contracts, "most crucial challenge for the PMO leader is to get the right balance of speed and excitement" (see the article here); commuting and Japanese culture.
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The PMO Supporting Sponsors

The Sponsor (programme or project) is a key player in programme and project delivery, but many PMOs still aim their services at the Programme and Project Managers. Why is that? Is the PMO missing a vital customer – arguably one of the most important roles in the whole delivery chain? During this session, we took a look at some of the reasons why this is and how to overcome them. We considered the key value-added services that can be offered by the PMO for the benefits of the sponsor – and what’s needed by the PMO team in terms of skills and experience to support that. This session is a good one for anyone working in a PMO which offers services to the business – whether that’s at project, programme or portfolio – and for PMO practitioners looking to up their value by working with and supporting senior management. The session was delivered by Eileen Roden – she’s also delivering the PMO Learning Project Sponsorship and the PMO course so you’ll gain some great insights. (If you're interested in the course, use the code #pmof-sponsor to get an extra 10% off.)  
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Speaking to Senior Executives

Week 16 of #PMOwfh - four months of PMO chat, debate, a few laughs and lots of sharing during four months of the pandemic. There's one thing we've definitely learnt during this time - there's no limit to the subjects and themes we can choose to get into, the life of a PMO is such a varied and interesting one! This week we're looking at the theme of "talking to senior executives". It was one suggested by one of the crew so here we are. We were delighted to have Terry Doerscher join us from good ole Texas. Terry has loads of relatable experiences and knowledge, plus he's a really nice bloke. He's the author of a great book - Taming Change with Portfolio Management - an excellent choice if you're working at the senior level in portfolio PMO. The 10-in-10 session from Terry covered: Role of the PMO from an executive perspective Communicating project and portfolio performance Effective portfolio governance and project sponsorship
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Seven Ah-ha Moments

It's another of our 12 Stand Up for PMO Days Before Christmas and in this post we're sharing seven (swans a-swimming) things the delegates learnt plucked from the ah-ha board we had. The idea of an unconference is to share as much of the insights you can and for us that meant good old post-it notes after the Breakout at the Bar sessions and from thoughts after listening to some of the sessions. Here we share seven insights:
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The Role of the PMO with Sponsors

If you're working in a PMO today you'll definitely have them. Sponsors. Sponsors of projects and programmes and sponsors of the PMO itself. These are the people who the buck stops with - the people who want and need the benefits that come from doing the project in the first place. Or in the case of PMO sponsorship, the benefits of having a PMO. We've all got mixed experiences when working with them.
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