Risk Management

Risk Management and the PMO

In last week's #PMOwfh we tackled the subject of risk management - a pretty big subject we'll admit but it's actually the first time we've ever done a PMO Flashmob session on it. We framed the session first of all with HotPMO's John McIntyre when he took us through 10-in-10 - that's 10 slides in 10 minutes - on the UK government's risk management plans in relation to public health and COVID-19. A depressing case that sparked a series of questions that we can all ask of ourselves, the PMO and the wider organisation. In this session, we share the 10-in-10, take a look at those questions, share the outputs from the PMO Flashmobbers on what they'll start-stop and continue doing in relation to risk management and share another viewpoint on the whole subject in relation to PMO.
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