PMO Case Study

Australia’s First Chief Project Officer and Other Stories

The story of Telstra’s PMO has everything – there’s the first Chief Project Officer role, then there’s the ePMO and portfolio approach (“to advance project management to improve business value”). There are key focus areas on capability, assurance, community, project sponsorship, business case, benefits, advice and intervention – all those areas PMOs should strive to deliver and support.
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PMO Conference 2022 \\ Building the PMO of the Future – Selfridges and P2 – Gary Stoneley

In this session, Gary Stoneley shares how P2 (Valcon) collaborated with Selfridges to support them during their PMO transformation journey - both the highs and the lows.  And how collaboratively, significant milestones were delivered, and competitive benefits achieved in what were turbulent times for retail.
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PMO Conference 2022 \\ Where to Play and How to Win: Our PMO Adventure – Kim Bree & Susie Palmer-Trew

This is a story of the University of Kent's PMO adventure (and some misadventure) as they transformed from a siloed delivery team to a pan university PMO. Taking disparate activities and delivering a multi-million-pound portfolio, re-writing the rule book on how we govern, lead and land changes in order to deliver the right changes in the best possible way. Part rags to riches, part Avengers this conference session will share a story that will resonate with many of you on a PMO maturity journey; they share with you all of their learning, everything they wished they had known and their plans for the winning the long game.
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PMO Conference 2022 \\ The Continuous Evolution of the PMO – Kerri Maciver

In this session we hear from Police Scotland about PMO journey in the last five years and what’s driving them forward to keep evolving. Growing in size and capability over five years, meeting and overcoming challenges to embed the changes required – we heard about the tough times and the pleasant surprises, the lessons learnt and find out what they’re focusing on right now and how that is setting themselves up for the next part of their journey.
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Megaprojects and the PMO

Megaprojects tend to be over the £1 billion mark in terms of budget and are often under great scrutiny - not just because of the politics but because many of these projects are investment projects - for communities, cities or countries. They also tend to take a long time to deliver, over years, decades and many organisations who run them - their project departments are huge in terms of the people working on them, and the third-parties and customers involved. Read on to find out what the PMO can learn from megaprojects
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