PMO Trends

Future PMO // Super Series – One

In this first part of the Future PMO Super Series we take a look at some of the predictions and trends in recent years which have been shaping thinking on the future of the PMO. This session was an interactive exercise where participants were invited to take part in a liberating structure approach to think about their own PMOs and what is needed to get ready for the future now.
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PMO Trends for 2022 with the Lodgers

Each year we published the trends we think will have an impact on PMOs for the coming year, these are the trends for 2022. In this session, we asked our lodgers to share their own insights based on the trends this year. In the recording, you'll hear about some of their choices - including the centre of excellence; new working practices, citizen developer, the hybrid challenge and resilience. Hopefully, it will give you some different insights into each of those areas - plus watch out for the gorilla!
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King of the PMO Polls

In this article, we share the live results from the King of PMO Polls and the opportunity for you to get involved too. We've got some great questions such as: what tool do you use when creating dashboard reporting? what qualifications do you use in your day job? what keeps you awake at 3am? how do you deal with project managers who don't play ball?
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PMO Music to Our Ears

Every so often it's good to take a sideways view at PMO - think differently, a bit of lateral thinking, that kind of thing. During the pandemic on the weekly #PMOwfh sessions, we liked to throw in a few different things and in this article, it was all about what we can learn from music. So sit back whilst we bring wedding singers, jazz bands, Roger Daltrey and Elvis to the PMO context and hopefully give you a little food for thought - or music to your ears.
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