Closing a PMO

Understanding the PMO

Ever heard or seen that quote which talks about PMOs closing down every three to four years? If so, this is the book where it comes from BUT that quote is wrong! What it actually said was a PMO tends to close down or gets reconfigured every three to four years - mainly due to the fact that the business also changes during that time too. That's one of the reasons why we started up the PMO Book Club - to read, understand and have a chat amongst ourselves about texts that can help our thinking around the job that we do in PMO. In this article, we share the recorded session, the deck and the insights from the book club.
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The PMO Soap Opera

We're now on to our ninth (ladies dancing) 12 Stand Up for PMO Days Before Christmas and some further insights from our first PMO Unconference. [You can see the other 12 Stand Up for PMO Days Before Christmas here] In this post, we're celebrating the vibes of Coronation Street, Crossroads and Emmerdale and taking a look at a real-life PMO soap opera. With our first three themes of Setting Up, Running and Closing Down a PMO, the stand up soap opera ran across three episodes. Delegates took a lot of learning from this session presented by Chris Walters, take a look at the recordings:
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PMO Room 101

It's another 12 Stand Up for PMO Days Before Christmas - number 3! - this time we're looking at shutting down a PMO. It's not necessarily a bad thing of course - there are plenty of temporary PMOs out there that get closed down once the project or programme has been delivered. In this session from the PMO Unconference - Stand Up for PMO - we wanted to look at some of the negatives - some of the things that the PMO should be mindful of NOT doing. Take a look at the video session from Mike Belch and the Room 101 of PMO.
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