Portfolio Prioritisation

PMO Conference 2022 \\ Rapid PMO Experiments to Turbo-Charge Delivery – John McIntyre

Business demands always outstrip supply. How do you decide which projects and features to focus on? Your product managers may talk about building small ‘MVPs’ but what does that really mean? In this interactive session, John McIntyre from HotPMO introduces the concept of Rapid Delivery Experiments which will change the way your portfolio approves projects, whilst massively reducing uncertainty and risk.
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PMO Conference 2022 \\ The Secret to Driving Unstoppable Business Value for Your PMO – Laura Barnard

PMO Conference 2022, opening keynote session from PMO Influencer of the Year - Laura Barnard.  Laura joined us in both London and Edinburgh to open the conferences and her energy and passion for the subject makes this an excellent session to watch to get your PMO mojo back or fire your imagination with what's possible for your PMO.
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