PMO Conference 2018

PMO Conference 2018 \\ Strategies and Practices for Change and Transformation: How the PMO Can Play a Pivotal Supporting Role – Deanne Earle and Francesca Valli

Change is an all-encompassing word used to describe the impact to processes, people and target operating models. This can make it confusing to those who support its implementation. We know that whatever the drive for change, whether a shift in strategic direction, customer demands, the disruption of digital or AI, organisations are increasingly coming to terms with how critical strong change management practices are to the success of their transformation. This makes change everyone’s business. We believe the PMO is not only perfectly placed to support change but can help lead the way. Because, when the PMO understands the science behind change management and can recognise when it’s needed, it can ‘plug in’ sound change strategies, practices and thinking at the heart of every project and outcome delivered. The PMO can broker the connection between change management and project delivery assuring effective practices are in place. This session will help PMO leaders learn how to develop their own and their teams’ competencies and ability to support change.
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PMO Conference 2018 \\ Developing PMO Servant Leaders – Richard Hendrickse

The increasing exposure of agile methodologies has raised the subject of servant leadership (706,000 hits on Google!). However, the level of understanding of servant leadership remains low and needs to be raised if the PMO are going to gain real value from it. Gain that understanding and the link between servant leadership and the developing role of the PMO.
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