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The Den is for you if you are just starting to get to grips with PMO as a career choice. Or if you have “done other things” and have a working “back-story” and are now entering the world of Change and PPM, and PMOs.

There can be / is a lot of science around project, programme and portfolio management. Big text books. Tailored and bespoke software.

But a lot of it comes down to common sense. The Den is somewhere to go for a slightly different view of what being good at PMO might involve.

The Den aims to debunk the strange world of “P3M”, make it simpler and help you a) recognise you already have many of the skills required and b) help you develop those skills.

Ultimately we want to help you forge a fantastic and interesting career in PMO – not as a step to something better but as a career choice in itself.

Keynote Speaker Announcement – PMO Conference – June 2023

Keynote Speaker Announcement – PMO Conference – June 2023

The opening keynote session for the PMO Conference in London in June 2023 has been announced. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez takes to the stage to open the conference with PMOs Rest in Peace / Welcome Chief Project Officer. Antonio the global champion of project management and author of the “Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook” (HBR 2021) and HBR magazine’s featured article “The Project Economy Has Arrived” (Nov 2021). Currently Head of Project Management Office at GSK he brings a wealth of real world insights for PMO practitioners at this year’s PMO Conference.

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Graham Burke

Short, bald and bespectacled 50-something who has “been in PMO” for 20 plus years.

Worked in and at all of the “P” levels – Project, Programme and Portfolio – across multiple sectors.

Had and still having a bit of a mid-life crisis and to try and work through that I re-examined what is important to me. What is my purpose!

Now want to share my work and life experience to help others – to “give back”.

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