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Developing Your PMO Career

We continue our weekly PMO Flashmob meetups on a Wednesday (with the delightful HotPMO as co-host!).

Each week (even now eight, nine weeks later) feels slightly out of control as we have group chats; breakout sessions; quick-fire presentations; using different collaborative tools; show-and-tells and the odd jingle thrown in there.

We started it, well, because we knew we wouldn’t be in our usual haunts (aka pubs) for a while and we would miss chatting to others and sharing stuff like we normally do.

Over the past couple of months so far in lockdown we’ve learnt together – especially how to get on in the virtual world – and how our work might be changing now and in the future. Sometimes we’ve gone for themes, sometimes not.

In this post, we share the outcomes from a session about development.

In it we kick off with a ten-in-ten (10 slides, 10 minutes); then onto a crowdsourced view of what development people have undertaken (taken across four different levels of roles); a chat about what’s been useful in their development and finally, what further development people are looking to do.

Interested? Read on.

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