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PMO Conference 2019 \\ Agile: The Auditor’s Perspective – Stuart Bates

PMO professionals and auditors both want the same thing when it comes to change delivery- to deliver change that creates or protects business value. We also both want that change to manage risk.

Agile delivery aims to deliver business change at pace, and sometimes it is perceived that agile change will be delivered without appropriate control, in contrast to waterfall delivery.

This talk aims to show how agile doesn’t necessarily mean that risk will not be managed effectively – I will explore what (good) agile controls look like and how these can be demonstrated: from the project team to the PMO, and to any auditors reviewing the change.


What (good) agile controls look like and what a PMO team can:

  • ask project teams for, to demonstrate controls in place
  • show or direct auditors who are reviewing the project to, in order to demonstrate the controls in place.

Presentation Slides

Agile: The Auditor’s Perspective

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