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PMO Conference 2019 \\ Project Analytics in a World of Hybrid Methods – Graham Pink

The Orbitil Crystal Orb (xOrb) cloud platform builds intelligence from project data. xOrb complements existing systems, giving PMOs live views and analysis of their portfolios as well as automatic reporting.

Increasingly, PMOs are having to deal with project teams that use a multiplicity of methods and frameworks: Agile, Waterfall, agifall/watergile, SAFe, Less and more. These pose new challenges for a modern PMO: how to track progress of hybrid method projects in the portfolio, accurately forecast costs and feature delivery plus estimate resource requirements based on apparently reduced visibility. We show the key project analytics that can help PMO teams deliver predictably, regardless of the methods teams use.

Beyond their conventional role, PMOs now also have to demonstrate that resources are being used wisely and the desired benefits are deliverable or delivered.  We step through the advantages of a holistic approach for the PMO.


  • What the key project analytics are
  • How to obtain actionable insights from portfolio data
  • The new PMO challenges in working with hybrid-method teams
  • How to integrate hybrid projects
  • Better forecasts of project deliveries (including Agile!)

Presentation Slides

Project Analytics in a World of Hybrid Methods

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