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PMO Conference 2019 \\ The Catalyst – A PMO Role in Agile Transformation – Jon Ward

If the PMO typically acts as owner and advocate of project and change management best practices; then why would this be any different when adopting new agile ways of working?

This session will outline the catalytic role of the PMO.  How the PMO can energise and facilitate an Agile transformation within an organisation. Using a path-to-agile framework; Jon will outline the importance the PMO can play at each step.  However, transformation means change at all levels and this includes the PMO.  Finally, Jon will point to the changes the PMO needs to make to itself in order to perform its function in an Agile or Hybrid environment.


  • Gain an understanding of a path-to-agile framework
  • Understand what the role of the PMO is in facilitating an Agile Transformation within an organisation
  • Practical steps on how the PMO needs to change themselves

Presentation Slides

The Catalyst

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