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PMO Conference \\ Transforming your PMO – the Agile Way! – Adam Skinner

The best PMOs are continually looking to improve the value they provide to their organisation however beyond ‘manage your maturity transformation like a project’ there is very little guidance to help shape and steer this activity. In this session Adam will:

  • Argue that transforming a PMO heavily lends itself to a methodology based on Agile principles and;
  • Walks you through his preferred approach – with worked examples, tools and templates and a deep dive into the steps and stages.

Whatever type of PMO you’re looking to build – build it the Agile Way!


  • A methodology to allow the application of agile principles to PMO (and indeed any ‘Office’) maturity transformation.
  • Practical takeaways – examples, tools and templates to get you started

Presentation Slides

Transforming your PMO – the Agile Way!

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