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PMO Services for Agile and Waterfall Projects

The last full PMO Flashmob meetup we had was back in March which was also a virtual one, was all about PMO services for Agile and Waterfall projects.

Here’s the overview:

Many PMOs do not have the luxury of focussing solely on Waterfall or Agile projects.

Their challenge is to evolve their service offering to support the Waterfall projects, whilst juggling an increasing number of Agile projects in the portfolio.

During this session, John McIntyre of HotPMO will talk us through how PMOs can rise to the challenge and become delivery heroes! He’ll share practical wisdom and useful insights that will help you and your organisation achieve tangible outcomes from your investment in agile: delivering fast & increasing transparency whilst avoiding common pitfalls.

Sound like something your PMO is facing right now?

Take a look at the session (just over an hour):  

More About John

John has over 18 years’ experience helping organisations deliver projects and programmes that deliver business outcomes. With real-world experience of project management in the trenches and the breadth of knowledge that comes with an MBA from the UK’s leading Business School, he’s a passionate advocate of the PMO’s role as a business catalyst and agent for Business Agility.

That’s the official bio, here’s ours. John’s also a great friend and supporter of PMO Flashmob. In his previous role at Ticketmaster, he has hosted a lot of our more creative and fun events; he’s been our Stand Up compere; he’s helping us understand Agile and BOTs in the workplace, and he really is a genuinely nice guy. John blogs regularly at HotPMO where you can find out more about the brilliant services he offers to PMOs.

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