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PMO Conference 2016 \\ The PMO as a Pop-Up Shop – Mertine Middelkoop

“Temporary PMO’s” why would you have them and what are the benefits? And if you decide they are useful for your organisation, programmes and projects, how do you setting up, running and closing down temporary PMOs?

What kind of services can you offer and what kind of PMO employees are needed?

In this session we take a look at the answers to these questions. You will discover the pros and cons of temporary programme and project offices and also receive a handy pop-up PMO roadmap.

Sue Vowler, P3O author described the accompanying book, “The PMO as a Pop-Up Shop” as:

…The PMO as a pop-up shop is a great analogy and perfectly describes the world of temporary programme or project office. It fills the gaps in P3O, answering the ‘how do I do this?’ question” and is a true practitioners guide to setting up, running and closing down temporary PMOs…”


  • More insights into the why, what and how of temporary PMOs
  • Receive the pop-up PMO roadmap

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