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PMO Conference 2016 \\ People Power – Increasing the Effectiveness of Your PMO Through People – Donnie MacNicol

People are different and therefore how you sell, design and deliver the services of your PMO should take this into account. Unfortunately what is often provided is a one size suits all approach that it is hoped will appeal to all – well it doesn’t.

The session will describe a powerful and easily applied approach to increasing the effectiveness of your PMO, all in 50 minutes! In this highly interactive session you will gain valuable insights into how to:

  1. adapt your own communication and engagement style to improve your personal effectiveness
  2. communicate and report in a way that is engaging to individual stakeholders and broader audiences (including selling the value of a PMO)
  3. assess the collective style and strengths of your PMO providing you with a basis for improving the team’s performance
  4. set up a PMO to best fit with the organisation’s culture and get the best out of all those involved by identifying and playing to their strengths
  5. design structures and processes that work for different types of people and increase the level of adoption and sustained use of processes
  6. develop your PMO staff and identify how the organisation can best support PMO leaders.


  • Learn how to quickly and easily identify people’s communication style and how this can be used to build more effective relationships
  • Maximise your own value and that of your team members by playing to your strengths and working more effectively as a team
  • Increase the adoption of PMO processes by better understanding the motivations of those who must use them

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