PMO Conference 2016

PMO Conference 2016 \\ Stephen Carver at the 2016 PMO Conference

Mention to Senior Management that you would like a meeting to update them on your PMO and most would sooner chew their own arms off rather than attend. This session will show how to tune into their wavelength and help achieve a better profile for your projects, programmes, portfolios and PMOs. The presentation is based on recent Complexity research at Cranfield University and will be fast paced and fun. Takeaways: Ideas on how to make Senior Execs understand the role of PMOs Techniques to get your message across better Latest research on PPM complexity The Video
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PMO Conference 2016 \\ Managing the Perception of Your PMO – Rupert Taylor

A brief exploration into how you can manage the perception of your PMO to move away from the long held and dogged perception of PMOs being an admin/ reporting/ bureaucracy - towards an innovative change support function that is fully aligned with the needs of the business and really adds value across Change programmes or portfolios. This insightful and creative session looks at the brand of the PMO and how to communicate that brand across the organisation. Takeaways: A different perspective on the value of investing time and resource in improving the perception of the PMO The desire to look at yourself in the mirror and ask whether you are really doing what you can to improve and manage the perception of your PMO Walk away with some innovative concepts to explore in your own PMO environments The Video
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PMO Conference 2016 \\ Resource Management – The Role of the PMO – Paul Major

Resource Management is consistently flagged as one of the most pressing problems facing the PMO today. But what are the real issues? Availability, prioritisation, assignment, utilisation, capacity planning – and which of these are actually the responsibility of the PMO? In this session we will look at the resource management challenges the project organisation faces, but zero in on where the PMO can really add value to the business, not just administrate, and hence raise the value of the PMO itself. As well as identifying the essential resource management capabilities needed we will also look at some of the “magic dust” a PMO can add to really drive value and recognition, together with some ideas on how these capabilities can be facilitated by process and technology. Takeaways: Identify the areas in resource management where a PMO should focus Describe core resource management capabilities that should be in place Demonstrate areas where the PMO can really differentiate their services The Video
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PMO Conference 2016 \\ Portfolio Management Office – The Bridge between Strategy and Delivery – Ben Green

The Portfolio Management Office forms the bridge between the organisation’s strategy and its change portfolio. It enables delivery of the strategy and serves to prove and improve delivery of change. Providing these services in an investment bank is a challenge. This is an environment which demands pace and tangible outcomes; it is subject to extraordinary external pressures and scrutiny; and it is where the need for portfolio management is increasing. The way we provide portfolio management into this environment needs to quickly mature to remain valuable. A critical factor for a successful Portfolio Management Office is to show measurable value in the way it forms the bridge between strategy and the change portfolio. Takeaways: How bridging strategy to the change portfolio drives PMO value How the investment banking as a relative newcomer is influencing PMO practises How maturing at pace should become business as usual for the PMO The Video
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PMO Conference 2016 \\ The Agile PMO – Impediment or Empowerment? – Andrew Craddock

It has been argued that there is no place for a PMO in an Agile environment where decision making is devolved, processes simplified and documentation de-emphasised. Andrew argues that this is far from the truth. The right kind of PMO can, and should, be a powerful enabler of Agility whilst ensuring an appropriate level of governance. They will explain how an Agile PMO differs from the traditional model including a real life example of where they made this a reality”. Takeaways: How an Agile PMO is different What it can do to enable Agility Real life examples
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