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Toolkit Optimisation to Maximise PMO Maturity – Webinar 3rd July

The maturity of the PMO has been a theme area that lots of PMO practitioners have been interested in for a while now. It’s certainly something that is talked about at PMO Flashmob events and at last year’s PMO Conference this theme was explored by Guy Jelley at PPO and it went down a storm. Delegates loved it, so we thought the rest of the PMO Flashmobbers would love it too.

Here’s what it is about:

The common misconception for PMOs is that by focusing inward on increasing project management maturity, its portfolios, programmes and projects will be delivered more effectively. The reality is that it’s the people, process, governance, technology and ORGANISATION that play a crucial role in improving the organisation’s project delivery capability.

Typically, PMO leaders have an arsenal of tools to overcome PMO challenges like portfolio visibility and reporting, project prioritisation or resource capacity planning. Irrespective of what’s in your toolkit, the reality is that only with the effective usage of these tools will PMOs be able to maximise their maturity.

You’ll learn:

  • How to map your toolkit’s capabilities to your current maturity level
  • How to optimise your toolkit to your current and then targeted project management maturity level
  • Lessons learnt and proven approach to the effective usage of your tools

It doesn’t matter what your tools are – how you optimise what you have got is the first step to greater PMO maturity. Interested? Watch the recording now:


And you can access the [slide deck here]


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