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Beyond Timesheets: The Challenges and Realities of Resource Management

PMO Resource ManagementLondon’s iconic Gherkin and PMO Flashmob – the PMO networking group – hosted the second ‘PMO Managers’ Lunch’.

These events bring together PMO Managers, from a number of different industries, to talk in-depth about a particular PMO topic.

At this lunch, the subject was ‘Beyond Timesheets: The Challenges and Realities of Resource Management

The PMO Manager’s Lunch was held to explore three distinct areas that currently present a challenge:

1.Capacity Planning – cross organisation and cross divisional/department in terms of ‘do we have enough people to do the work’

2. Allocation – down to a project level where we start to have named resources and all the fun and games of potential timesheeting issues that we do or don’t have.

3. Skills and capabilities of the delivery teams and what the PMO can do in this area for example with competency models.


  1. The Circle of Resource Management describes the segments and components of resource management within delivery organisations.
  2. Effective resource management across a delivery organisation requires implementation of one or more components from each segment.
  3. There is no right or wrong place to break into the Circle of Resource Management – the business drivers are the key factors in determining where to start.
  4. Business context and culture, along with the maturity of the delivery organisation are key factors to consider when choosing how to implement the components of resource management.

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PMO Managers:

  • Gareth Lyon – Astra Zeneca
  • Mark Smith – BBC
  • Sam Holland – Carnival UK
  • Alastair Forbes – Network Rail
  • Peter Shirley – PA Consulting
  • Ian Finch – LGi
  • Assim Khokhar – MUFG Securities
  • Gerry Mulvihill – SSE
  • Emma White – Sanctuary Housing
  • Maria Jane McDaid – Network Rail
  • John Whitehead – Independent
  • Stuart Dixon – XL Catlin
  • Paul Major – Program Framework



Lindsay Scott   



Eileen Roden


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