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PMO HotHouse Season 2 \\ Episode Four

It’s the monthly magazine show from the House of PMO with HotPMO – together, it’s PMO HotHouse! Welcome to Season Two: Episode Four. This month we’re looking at the dependency management, lessons learnt and diving into some hot soft skills! This episode we are also featuring Elaine Hennessey in the Hot Seat!

Each month we bring together 45 minutes of insights and news, all dedicated to PMO. You can choose to join us in the studio (register below) or catch it on the Livestream on the day via Linkedin, YouTube and X.

In this episode we covered:

  • PMO News- Eileen Roden
  • Hot Soft Skills John McIntyre
  • And a special Guest in the Hot Seat- Elaine Hennessey

Take a look at the whole show – or dip into the clips

PMO HotHouse Season 2 – Episode Four

PMO News

Hot Soft Skills

Hot Seat



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