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PMO Conference 2016 \\ Governing the Programme Office – Michel Thiry

There are many definitions for the programme office. In this presentation, it is: “The decision-making and support group responsible for ensuring that programme goals are achieved. It provides support to the SRO/Executive Sponsor and the programme team.”

Governance is currently one of the most misused terms in the business as it is mainly focused on monitoring and control. Programme governance consists of more than that. The programme office will need to address the three following principles as part of their governance responsibility:

  1. Develop the program vision and objective, based on the business strategy and stakeholders’ needs;
  2. Put in place the right structures and allocating the resources necessary to achieve the vision;
  3. Set up appropriate monitoring and control systems to make the right decisions and realign the program if necessary.

This presentation will examine each of these three streams and explain how to achieve these objectives.


  • Understand how program office governance is linked to corporate governance and strategic objectives
  • Realise, through examples, how these governance principles are applied
  • Appreciate practical tools and concepts that can be used to achieve governance responsibilities

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