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PMO Conference 2017 \\ The Future of the PMO – The Chief Change Officer (CCO) – Simon Harris

Where is the PMO heading? As project management continues to mature and organisations increasingly use programmes and projects to manage big changes, the role of the PMO will also evolve and change to meet the demands of increasingly risky and complex strategy execution. At the helm of the PMO of the future, strong, senior leadership with a seat at the top table will be inevitable.
Taking a look back at historical changes in the PMO and considering the business landscape we work in today we can begin to understand the shape of the future. In this session we take a look at the future PMO where the focus is about delivering real value; being aligned with the business and being a real expert in change. The session discusses the contributing factors that will make the role of the Chief Change Officer a reality.
Is this the new PMO? The Enterprise Change Leadership Office headed up by a Chief Change Officer? Will we see a CCO at board level?
How the PMO structure, functions and services today shapes the PMO of tomorrow
The driving factors that lead towards the eCLO and the CCO role becoming a reality
What makes a good Chief Change Officer

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