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PMO Mini-Masterclass: Evolving the PMO

About the PMO Mini-Masterclass – Evolving the PMO
Ever heard the PMO statistic that many PMOs have a shelf life on average of three years? We’re back in Edinburgh – at the heart of Scottish Government  – to discuss what this statistic actually means – is it that PMOs are actually disbanded after three years or is it more likely that PMOs evolve and change since their initial incarnation into something else?
If this is the case, why is that? What changes do the PMO have to make? And is it a push or pull evolution? Lots of questions that need answers! We’ll also be looking at getting the PMO ready for evolution and also what future states of the PMO can look like. We’ll explore the potential differences in the functions and services from now and into the future.
The evening session included:
What factors could drive the evolution of a PMO?
What models might we consider in the evolution?
Where do maturity models figure in the evolution?
An insight into what is driving the PMO at the Scottish Government
What out practitioners need to stop, start and continue doing in their PMO.

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