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PMO Agile Governance

Back in June I went along to an event hosted by p3m global to talk about the latest PMO Conference (ended up making a webinar about that here). The evening was all about PMO – specifically about Agile PMO. Before the main evening event we had a roundtable discussion about Agile PMO too (more about the outcomes of that later in the post).
The main speaker for the evening was Chris Davies from DSDM Consortium and he was talking about a subject that I know many people within the PMO are interested in – what services or support does the PMO provide for their organisation’s Agile projects? And specifically what needs to happen with governance?
First of all, let’s just remind ourselves what governance actually means, I like a lot of Graham Oakes’ work and this is lifted from one of his many presentations on governance available via Slideshare:

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